Corporate Programs, Conventions, Retreats

Zentangle at Work

Imagine your staff with more peace, focus and confidence. 
Bring a Zentangle program to your organization and discover the positive impact it can have!
You may notice things like increased productivity, more harmonious relationships, and a calmer presence in your employees.

A Zentangle Program at the work place will rejuvenate your employees... 

  • It relieves stress, depression and anxiety.
  • It increases focus, peace and serenity.  
  • It's confidence building, perspective changing and a whole lot of fun!  

Participants will be amazed of the outcomes!

 They will...

  • become aware of how different people really are
  • discover creativity they didn't know they had
  • leave feeling calm and relaxed

Give your hard-working staff some time for relaxation and joy!
Invite Jacki Rose to conduct a Zentangle class at your company, convention or retreat.

​Zentangle Meditation 45-60 minute program 

Draw what you hear, not what you see. Jacki Rose will describe easy tangles for participants to draw. All they have to do is listen, draw and relax.  
Perfect for lunch-time wellness programs. Rejuvenation at work!

Zentangle Workshop 1-2 hours
Draw what you hear and what you see.  Jacki will demonstrate and instruct basic tangle patterns. Participants will feel rejuvenated, relaxed and leave with a couple of wonderful creations.

Zentangle Retreat half day or full day
A half or full day will give your staff an opportunity to really relax and unwind.  They'll learn lots of different tangles, have fun creating different types of tiles (i.e. square, round, renaissance) and get some powerful inspiration. 

Supplies are needed for each program. Below are your supply options.

  • Economy - you supply the pens and paper (this can be just regular ballpoint pens and plain paper)
  • Budget - we supply the materials:  Mini Kit (Sakura Pen Black 01, 3 Zentangle Fabriano Paper Tiles)
  • Premium - we supply the materials: Full Kit (Sakura Pen, Zentangle Pencil, Tortillion, 5 Zentangle Tiles, Muslin Pouch) 

With their individual supply kit, they can keep tangling on their own. A great tool to have if they are feeling stressed and need to calm down.​​

Contact us to discuss the best program for you and your budget.

​​​​Conferences, Conventions, Retreats

Zentangle Meditation is a perfect break out or keynote session for your Conference, Convention or Retreat.  It will help your attendees let go of stress, increase focus, and be more relaxed.  Below explains how beneficial Zentangle can be at these events.

A program in the morning...
will get them focused to absorb more for the rest of the day.

An after lunch program...
will re-energize them for the rest of the afternoon.

A program at the end of the day...
will re-energize them or calm their minds from all of the information absorbed during the day.

Choose one or all options for your special event.

Opening Session (Day 1)
Get your conference attendees in the right frame of mind to receive the wealth of information you've got planned for them.  A Zentangle program in the beginning of your conference will help them to relax, clear their minds, increase their focus, reduce stress, and be open to what they are about to hear and learn.  

End of the Day Rejuvenation (Day 2)
Your attendees have spend several hours learning and absorbing lots of information. Now it's time to give them a mental break.  A Zentangle program at the end of the day (late afternoon/early evening - before dinner) will help them to relax, rejuvenate and even have a little fun! If any of them are feeling overwhelmed, this program will calm them down and help to clear their minds.

Let Go Before They Go (Day 3)
Today is the last day of your convention and attendees may be feeling a little anxious. They may be thinking what should they do first with all the information they just got over the past few days. They may be feeling stressed out because they feel they need to do more than they can handle. Or, they may be excited and energized to get started on a few great new ideas.  Having a Zentangle program before departure, will leave them feeling relaxed, having less stress, and calm about getting back to the real world.

Call Jacki Rose to discuss more about your conference and she will help you decide the program and time frame that is best for your group.