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11 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking

Everything you need to know in order to give an effective presentation is in this book.  It's small enough to fit into your purse, briefcase or glove compartment! It's an easy ready with quick, but thorough tips on how to present for great results.  Learn how to be confident, engaging, and dynamic!

Take the Stage & Love It

You will love reading this short, fun, and easy to read book. It consists of real life stories of people who went from fearing public speaking to soaring in it. It also contains over fifty tips that you can implement immediately into your next presentation so that it will be more effective.

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Fear to Fabulous Step by Step Guidebook on how to prepare a presentation.

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100 Public Speaking Tips

A compilation of Jacki's blog. Short tips, fun to read, easy to follow and very powerful and effective!  Available in pdf. Contact us for your free copy or check out the original blog...

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​​Public Speaking Skills Coach and Professional Speaker

Jacki Rose has an exceptional skill of showing people how to present with more confidence, develop more engaging content, and deliver with impact.  

For over ten years Jacki had a thriving Public Speaking Skills Business where she did one-on-one coaching, corporate training, and keynote speaking on Powerful Presentation Skills.  She was a member of the National Speakers Association, ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) and received her DTM (Highest Award) through Toastmasters International. 

As  result of Jacki's coaching, her clients won speech contests, received more clients from their speeches, and were asked to present more often since their amazing growth as a presenter. 

Even though Jacki now spends most of her time teaching Zentangle, she is still coaching and presenting on public speaking.  

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Here’s what people are saying after attending Jacki’s programs… 
Jacki, I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic presentation!  I recently approached my mentor with a goal of being able to be more comfortable and proficient at giving presentations. I truly believe I will benefit from your tips of …..writing down word for word to where to stand during a presentation, and so many more….. I look forward to reading your books and implementing your tips.  Kate VerSluis Technical Supervisor, Road Runner

I have had the opportunity to attend several seminars and yours has been the first one that I have left from knowing that I can and will put the information received to good use. Watching you up on stage speaking with confidence and such ease showed me that you, ‘Talk the Talk’! Your tips and suggestions to us are actually making me look forward to an upcoming team meeting next week! Using tips such as staying front and center and not shifting weight around, using a pause to get attention, make a point, and replace filler words, I know will make a huge improvement on how I deliver information!  I’m sure that my team will notice the difference and they will surely let me know of it!  Thanks again for a great seminar!  Kim Strauss, Cox New England

I truly enjoyed your presentation.  I walked away with so many tips on how to present.  For me personally, the 5 Steps to Presenting with Power Point was hugely helpful.  Putting the screen to the side is such a simple thing to do with huge impact on how your audience will remain focused on what you are saying instead of trying to look around you at the screen. Thank you so much I walked away with tips for a lifetime! Catalina Mehler, Time Warner Cable New England Division. Office of the President

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