Photos & Patterns from Past Sessions 
  • The ones underlined have direct links for instruction. 
  • Ones without links try to google to find more info online.

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Recommended Supplies these are just suggestions, any paper and pens will do.

  • Sketchbook (100% acid free) 
  • Sakura Pigma Black 05 Pen or Micron 01 Black Pen
  • Micron 01 Brown Pen  or any other color  (not used at every class)

The Following Supplies are Available for Purchase at the Club

  • Reflexions Sketchbook 80 sheets: $5
  • Sakura Pigma Black 05 Pen: $2
  • Micron Black 01 Pen: $3
  • Brown Micron 01 Pens: $3


May 4


February 16

Scallops Variation



​​​​​Anyone Can Tangle! No Experience or Skill Needed!
Laurel Manor Regional Recreation Center
1st Friday of the Month 4 pm - 5 pm ​(arrive by 3:45 pm)

Tap into your own creativity with easy to learn structured patterns that create beautiful images. You are instructed every step of the way in a quiet atmosphere with soft meditation music playing in the background while focusing on being present and letting go of the outcome. Zentangle has been known to reduce stress, pain and anxiety. It's calming, relaxing and lots of fun!  

Benefits of Zentangle

  • Relieves Stress and Anxiety
  • Brings Feelings of Peace & Serenity
  • Increases Focus and helps to stay Present
  • Taps into your own Unlimited Creativity
  • ​It's lots of FUN!

​After Each Class Visit this Page & Scroll Down to View the Following... 

  • Names of patterns learned at previous sessions 
  • ​Links with the step-out instructions or videos of those patterns (for ones we can find)  
  • Photo of at least one completed tile from class
April 6



Jacki Rose, CZT Certified Zentangle Teacher)... has been conducting Zentangle classes, workshops and retreats for several years. Growing up her dream was to design fabrics with cool looking patterns as she spent most of her spare time creating drawings that were very similar to Zentangle.  She even looked into creating an adult coloring book in the 1980s before they were popular.  Since she can't draw anything except Zentangle Patterns, art school was not for her. She went on to pursue many other types of careers including sales, public speaking and tour directing, only to return to her true passion of the Zentangle Art Form.  

Next Class is Friday September 7

​​​​Important Change to Club Schedule Starting September this club will meet on the first Friday of the month only and will no longer meet on the third Friday of the month.
Additional classes are being offered through The Enrichment Academy on Tuesday mornings and Sunday afternoons starting this Fall. Click here for full details...
March 16




February 2




August 17
Double Florz


Piano Keys

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March 2


Poke Root


If you purchased a pen at the 8/17 class and it is dried out, bring it back and exchange it for another.

May 18


August 3



Note for Next Class 9/7

We will be doing some shading.

Shading kits consisting of the Zentangle Pencil and Tortillion (blending stick) will be available for $1. You may also bring your own. Any pencil or blending stick will do. You can even use a Q-Tip.