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11 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking

Everything you need to know in order to give an effective presentation is in this book.  It's small enough to fit into your purse, briefcase or glove compartment! It's an easy read with quick, but thorough tips on how to present for great results.  Learn how to be confident, engaging, and dynamic!

Take the Stage & Love It

You will love reading this short, fun, and easy to read book. It consists of real life stories of people who went from fearing public speaking to soaring in it. It also contains over fifty tips that you can implement immediately into your next presentation so that it will be more effective.

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Fear to Fabulous Step by Step Guidebook on how to prepare a presentation.

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Jacki's Self-Help Book

Take Your Life & Love It!  
3 Easy Steps to Creating the Life You Want

Three easy steps to creating the life you want. Based on the Jacki's experience of reading, attending, and listening to over 100 books, seminars, and audios on self-help and motivation. Jacki Rose realized they were all saying the same things, but she wanted to put it into a very simple formula. The steps outlined in this book is also from her workshop "Create the Life You Want" and has easy and fun writing assignments that you will find powerful and enlightening.  Jacki shares all the steps that helped her live a happier and more fulfilling life.

About Jacki Rose 

She's an author, leader, etc...

Author of: "11 Steps To Powerful Public Speaking"

Author of : "Take Your Life & Love It!"

Author of : "MetroWest Cycling Routes"

Author of: "Take the Stage & Love It",

Author of: "Fear to Fabulous Guide"

Author of: "100 Public Speaking Tips"

Board of Directors: National Speakers Association New England

Board of Directors: Mass ASTD (American Society for Training & Development)

Certified Trainer through ASTD (American Society for Training & Development)

President Renaissance Advanced Toastmasters

Achieved DTM - Highest award earned through Toastmasters International

 Bicycled across the country, 1997

Roses come in many different colors... 
and so does Jacki Rose!

CZT Certified Zentangle Teacher
Jacki was trained and certified by the founders and creators of Zentangle  -

Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas (www.zentangle.com).

Jacki LOVES Zentangle! She conducts dynamic classes, retreats, and workshops. She offers programs to the public and also brings private programs to businesses and organizations. You can see some of her work and the work of her participants by clicking on the tabs above.

Public Speaking Skills Coach and Professional Speaker

She is the author of five books including: "11 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking" and "Take Your Life & Love It!" Jacki is an expert in teaching and coaching Public Speaking Skills: one-on-one coaching, corporate training, and keynote speaking.She has served on the Board of the New England Chapters of the National Speakers Association and ASTD (American Society for Training & Development).  Read more....

Certified Ageless Grace Educator
It's fun, it's healthy, and it's for all ages and abilities.
Bring a class to your company, community or conference for an opportunity to improve brain function, increase energy and have some fun while sitting in a chair! Read more about Ageless Grace at: www.agelessgrace.com​

HeartSong Spiritual Wellness Director
As the Director of HeartSong Spiritual Wellness, Jacki created a community that offered programs to enrich, enlighten, and engage with other like-minded people interested in holistic, spiritual, and overall well-being programs. 

Inspirational Speaker and Retreat Leader
Check out Jacki's inspirational blog...

Jacki has been conducting self-help workshops since 1999 and has a motivational talk she gives based on her biking experiences which includes her trip across the country. Her workshops are based on her own experiences of personal growth and from listening to, attending, and reading hundreds of motivational/self-help programs (audios, seminars, books, etc.). Her workshops have been known to be life-changing.

Tour Director, Group Leader and Travel Planner

Jacki has started up and organized social clubs and singles events on and off for over 30 years.  She is also a hired Tour Director/Escort  for local Tour Operators. Since 2010 Jacki has been focused on her travel club business, as well as, being a Tour Escort for Conway Bus Tours and Bloom Bus Tours.  

There's More!

Prior to starting her own business as a Professional Speaker and Public Speaking Coach, Jacki was in Sales, Hospitality, and Community Education. 

She spent several years in the Hotel Industry (Sheraton, Crowne Plaza, Omni) as a Catering Sales Manager and Convention Room Sales Manager. She also worked for Community Education in charge of starting up and running a successful division of Children's After School Enrichment Programs offering programs in over 14 elementary schools in the city of Newton, MA, hiring the teachers, and overseeing the entire department. In addition, she spent some time in Real Estate and as a Club House Director managing a full staff at a Flatley Residential Property where she was acknowledged as being the best Director they had ever had in over 20 years.