Home Parties

Hostess attends at no charge and gets a complimentary kit.

$35 per person - includes supplies for all guests (Zentangle Kit)

The Zentangle Kit consists of: Muslin Pouch, Black Archival Pen, Zentangle Pencil, Tortillion (blending stump) and three  Zentangle 3.5" Square  Fabriano Italian Paper Tiles. One of which will be used during class. 

Zentangle for Companies, Conventions, Special Events

Bring Zentangle to your business, retreat, or special event for a fun, enjoyable and mindful experience of drawing structured patterns that create beautiful images.  The class includes Zentangle instruction in a relaxed, meditative environment with soft music. Anyone can do it. No experience or skill needed.

Zentangle Mindful Drawing Class 

Your group will receive the full Zentangle experience using quality supplies for drawing and shading in a quiet environment so that they can receive the maximum benefits that come from meditation. They are instructed every step of the way and encouraged to let go of the outcome and focus on the present moment. Every participant will receive a Zentangle Kit that includes...

  • Zentangle Muslin Pouch
  • Quality Black Archival Pen
  • Zentangle Graphite Pencil
  • Tortillion (blending stick)
  • Three Zentangle Fabriano Paper Tiles 3.5"x3.5"​*

*One of which will be used during class, the other two to take home

and tangle on their own.

Cost of a Zentangle Class (up to 2 hours)

$300 plus $10 per person/supply kit

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Zentangle for Companies, Clubs, Conventions, Retreats, etc.

Special Rates for Clubs at The Villages FL

The $300 fee is waived.

Choose from one of the below options.

To schedule your class or for more information, please fill out the contact form.

The Villages Zentangle Club Rates

$5 per person - basic supplies, one hour class

$10 per person - basic supplies, 90 minute class

​$15 per person - premium supplies, one-two hour class

Basic Supplies: Black Drawing Pen, Zentangle Pencil, Tortillion, one Zentangle Fabriano Paper Tile.

​Premium Supplies: Zentangle Muslin Pouch, High Quality Black Drawing Pen, Zentangle Pencil, Tortillion and Three Zentangle Fabriano Paper Tiles. 

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Description and Bio you may use for your Announcements & Publications. Fliers are available upon request and may be customized for your group at no additional charge.

Zentangle Mindful Drawing
Relax, let go and have fun drawing structured patterns that create beautiful images in a calming, meditative environment.  Let go of the outcome, focus on being in the present moment and discover your own creativity. Anyone can do Zentangle!

Instructor Jacki Rose, CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) has been teaching Zentangle for 5 years and has been creating this type of art her entire life. She has taught hundreds of classes, led Zentangle retreats and presented at conferences and conventions. She currently offers programs through The Villages Lifestyle Resident Recreation, The Enrichment Academy and for groups, clubs and businesses in and around The Villages.