This is what I was drawing when I saw the truck. You can see on the top left I was contemplating two other possible names (prinzinger, zingerswirl) then I looked up and saw the truck.

One of Jacki's classes - tangling Owline on Zendala's using brown pen for embellishment.

Story of Owline

Owls appear in my life all the time. Not live owls, but owls in the form of photos, cards, stuffed animals, sculptures, clocks, coloring books, etc. They just appear every place I go.  One day I was sitting outside at Starbucks in Wayland, MA tangling. I was tangling my new pattern and thought to myself, "what should I name this pattern?" At that exact moment, I looked up and saw a big huge truck with letters written on the side Day Owl Rose, Dayowlwines.... I had never seen this truck before and I knew it was the name of my tangle. I go by Jacki Rose, and the Rose was huge as well. I later realized the last 4 letters (line) are the same as the last 4 letters in my full name (Jacqueline).  

More of Jacki's Patterns coming soon...