Corporate and Non-Profit Organizations

Below are standard fees, but we are always willing to work with you depending on your situation. The supply fee listed covers the paper tiles (whatever we tangle on) and either the Micron 01 Black Pen or the Sakura Pigma 05 Black Pen. The pens are yours to keep. You can either let your attendees keep them for themselves to keep tangling on their own or you can save them for your group for future Zentangle events.

Non-Profit Organizations

$300 base fee plus... 

$3 per person supply fee or provide your own supplies.

Paper and Pen is all that is needed. 

Corporate Programs and Events

$500 base fee, plus...

$5 per person supply fee*

Example: 100 people = $800 total

​Optional Gift for Attendees  $10 each

Instead of paying the supply fee listed above, you have the option to give all participants a Zentangle Muslin Pouch containing: 
Micron 01 Black Pen or Sakura Pigma 05 Black Pen, Zentangle Pencil, Tortillion, and Five Zentangle Fabriano Tiles!

Supply Kit Option  $10 each
If you do not want to purchase a kit for all attendees as a gift, but would like to have it available to them for purchase on their own, we would be happy to sell them at your event.   

Low Budget Groups

If the above fees are out of your price range you can still bring Zentangle to your club or group. Contact me at and I will do whatever I can to make this work for you!

Home and Office Parties (Small Groups)
Bring Zentangle to your friends, co-workers, or special event.


Note special rates for home parties in The Villages...

$35 per person for 1-2 hours ($25 The Villages)
$30 per person for 3-4 hours
  ($20 The Villages)

$75 per person 5-6 hours ($55 The Villages) 
make it a full day retreat!

Hostess or Group Leader attends at no charge!

Price Includes

Instruction by a CZT (Jacki Rose) in a calming environment, the paper that we tangle on and use of the tools that may consist of one or more of the following: Micron 01 Black Pen, Sakura Pigma Black 05 Pen, Zentangle Pencil and Tortillion (blending stick).

If you would like your guests to have their own supplies to keep, here are some options...

Supply Kit for Guests (optional) $10

Muslin Zentangle Pouch with the Pen, Pencil, Tortillion, and Five Zentangle Fabriano Tiles.

Purchase a kit for all of your guests or have them available for them to purchase on their own!

Tools Only (without the pouch and tiles) $5

You or your guests may purchase the tools only (pen, pencil, tortillion) without the pouch and tiles. 

​Pen Only $2 or $3 (depending on pen) 

Chose from the Apprentice Sakura Black Pen ($2) or the

Micron 01 Black Pen ($3)


Summary of Standard Fees

$35 per person (1-2 hours)  includes use of tools ($25 Villages)

$45 per person (3-4 hours)  includes use of tools ($35 Villages)

$75 per person (5-6 hours)  includes use of tools ($55 Villages)

$10 each for Zentangle Kit   includes pouch and tiles

$5 each for Zentangle Tools  pouch and tiles not included

$2 or $3 each for Pens only apprentice or micron

Private Group Details & Fees