Before filling out the Speaker Application, please review the information below.

Presentations with Substance not Sales

Your Presentation should have substance that will give audience members great benefit.

We ask that you do not do any kind of selling within your presentation.  However, you may include what you do and what you sell in your Introduction which will be read by the Organizer/Jacki. There will be a table for you to display any promotional materials you may have or items to sell after the program.

You don't get paid to speak, but you get:

Exposure to potential clients

An opportunity to sell any products and services at the event at the conclusion of the program.

Free marketing through social media and email. You will be featured on this website, Facebook, in our newsletter and on:

​Length of Presentations

When there is one speaker, the presentations will be approximately 60 minutes, two speaker 30 minutes, three speakers 20 minutes. 

After the presentation portion, there will be group discussion on the topic(s) presented where audience members will break into groups and have an opportunity to interact with each other.​

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Speaker Application

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