Zentangle for Clubs & Groups at The Villages & Beyond

Bring Zentangle to your group for a fun, enjoyable and mindful experience of drawing structured patterns that create beautiful images. Anyone can do it. No experience or skill needed.

Below are different options for you to choose from and are for groups of 20 to 100 people. For over 100 people, contact Jacki for a special rate.

Choose The Best Zentangle Model For Your Group...

All options include a 30-60 minute Instructional Zentangle Class by Jacki Rose.

Villa $5 per person

You provide the supplies (paper and pens)

Any paper and pen will do. 

Cottage $10 per person

Same as Designer without the Pouch and Extra Tiles.

Designer $15 per person 

Includes Supplies: Paper, Pen, Pencil, Tortillion...

plus the Zentangle Pouch with two extra Fabriano Paper Tiles (3.5")
All participants receive the Sakura Apprentice Black 05 Pen, Zentangle Pencil, Tortillion (blending stick for shading), and the paper item you choose below.

You may choose what your group will tangle on from the following list:

  • Bookmarks (comes with sleeve and tassle)
  • Zentangle Fabriano Paper Tiles (square 3.5")
  • Zentangle Frabriano Paper Zendala Tile (3.5" Round)

Premier $20 per person

Includes a Zentangle kit for everyone to take home!

  • Zentangle Pouch
  • Micron 01 Black Pen
  • Graphic 1 Black Pen
  • Zentangle Pencil
  • Tortillion (blending stick)
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Five Zentangle Fabriano Paper Tiles 3.5"x3.5"

Zentangle for Clubs at The Villages & Beyond