I have been searching for something to help me to de-stress.  Finally, I have found it. I can forget everything and just relax...AWESOME!!!!  Mary D.

This was my very first class. It was a wonderful experience, helping me to relax much more.  At one amazing point, I was so relaxed within drawing, breathing, listening to the music I felt as if I was floating!! So relaxing. Great teacher!  Lori Lynn L.

I love Jacki's Rejuventangle sessions. They are so relaxing and I always fee refreshed and energized at the end. Carol S. 

I have an anxiety disorder and started to get anxious when the class started, but as soon as I started concentrating on the designs, I could feel it leaving me. :-) Annie S.

Loved this class.  Was very relaxing. Helped me to stay in the moment and practice mindfulness. Also, didn’t think about smoking all day! This is wonderful. You can do it any where.  Carole G.


I love all the different ways to tangle that we learned.  My work week was incredibly demanding and knowing I was going to b here sustained me all week.  Ever since my first class with Jacki, which was so welcoming and encouraging, I’ve incorporated tangling into my life to relieve stress and increase relaxation and rejuvenation!  I also loved the use of the various sets of cards to enhance our mental state and outlook!  Kate R.


Loved it! Relaxing and fun. Liked meeting “like-minded” souls. Just the right amount of time.  Ruth S.


I particularly enjoyed the extended time on the mandala with the zentangle music. The music adds a nice aspect. I enjoy learning new tangles and variations.  Connie S.


I love this class!  I thought I could not be creative, but I surprised myself!  Jacki went above and beyond with the gifts and prizes and lunch! What a bonus!  Jacki is an excellent teacher and there is NO mistake it was meant to be!  Katherine W.


I really enjoyed my first class! It was what the Dr ordered. I am so looking forward to the next class. Kathy


​Fun and relaxing way to spend an afternoon learning something new that I can take with

me into the "real world", especially when traveling for work!  Very enjoyable.  Melanie S.


This was my first Zentangle event. Jacki did a wonderful job not only explaining Zentangle, but making it a relaxing experience. Looking forward to the next class!  Karen


This was my first time and did not know exactly what to expect. I was surprised by the

small tiles! It was fun, so relaxing, and the tiles looked amazing when grouped

together!  Sue M.


It took my mind off everything!  Was worried at the beginning then was relaxed! Thank you. 

Debbie C.


I loved it!  It's so nice and relaxing to take time out of a busy schedule to Tangle! 

Very easy to follow and this was my first class. Thank you!  Jillian S.


It was fun to learn new patterns and ways of tangling! I'm in the midst of a stressful time

and decided to take this class as an oasis in the chaos.  I was able to leave behind all my stress, to

relax, let creativity flow and enjoy myself! Thank you!  Kate R.


Just when I think I have lost so many abilities, having to give up so many favorite hobbies, how wonderful to find Zentangle thru Jacki!  Flexible, varied scheduled themes, while learning to branch out in new creative pathways have brought me a new outlet for my energy and enjoyment. Ellen H.


Loved it! Took my mind of all my problems! I can never sit so was nice not to do anything! Looking forward to next one! Thank you!! Debbie Co.


Fantastic!  Learning new patterns, meeting new people and really tuning in while tuning out is so helpful! Kate R.


I came in feeling low and anxious. Within 1/2 hour of tangling, I began to let go of negative feelings and embraced my inner creativity. Feel great.  Carol G.


Relaxing and an interesting way to spend the day. Joanne S.


Life is full of little stressors every day.  Stressors from other people, businesses, homes, family, etc. To experience something that took me away and got me to forget everything was wonderful!  I will do it again.  Very relaxing.  Kathy R.


This was a wonderful class.  I've been tangling for a while, but this guidance provided was great. 

Maria R.


Fantastic class!  I feel relaxed and I had a great time!  Sarah T.


This class was a creative lesson in patience... a process in allowing the creative process to evolve.  Mary S.


Very relaxing, loved the music and learning something new.  Anonymous


This was a great class. Jacki took us step by step to create a Zentangle tile. She was organized, well prepared, communicated clearly, encouraged everyone, and took the time to make sure everyone had some of her attention. The best part was I was in the zone for 2.5 hours. It was truly a Zen experience. Alice


I had such a good time last night and felt so relaxed! Slept like a baby! Can't wait for the next one. Hurry up and book something soon Jacki! Candace


Really fun class with a great instructor! Jacki's passion for Zentangle is infectious. I can't wait to Zentangle away! Diane E


Thanks Jackie it was such a fun night and can't wait to continue. Tara


Thank you Jacki... What a wonderful retreat.. Can't wait for the next one! Suzanne


I had a relaxing evening with a great group of people and a wonderful teacher.  The more I do Zentangle the more I love it. Thank you again Jacki .  Debbie M.


Enjoyed my first Zentangle class with the amazing, Jacki Rose. I look forward to next week's class. Lisa M.


You were fabulous, as always, and I can't wait to Tangle some more!  Lisa S.


It was great! I left having learned something new and quieting! Something I see myself continuing. Meditative & peaceful.  Sandy


Another fabulous session Jacki! Thank you so much! Lisa


Jacki was organized, informative and so ZEN.. It was a great introduction to zentangle. Thanks Jacki! Eileen


​Great class. Thanks for helping us make Zentangle easy, fun, and relaxing. Alice

Great introduction to Zentangle! Love the idea that there are no mistakes, just new direction. Thanks Jacki!  Ann P.

This class was very relaxing and gave me time to uncouple from everyday things for a couple of hours.  Nancy C.


Jacki was great!  Made my body and mind relax. Opened up while going into each pattern. Thanks Jacki. Today was a good one!  Terry P.

Enjoyed the afternoon. Found it to be very relaxing and did not think about anything but the designs.  Paula B.

Very well done. Supportive environment. Great format.  Karen S.

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